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I am rearranging my web presence:

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The books I have written may be found at:  (Printed version of The Mind And Madness of a Modern Magus.)
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Come one! Come all! See the live freak!

See the Magic, Mysticism, Mirth, and Mayhem of Pendark!
Halloween Night at Ecopocalypse; Appearing live at Foodtopia!
(5th and Trinity) 7pm to 2 am.
See Pendark twist the perception, bend reality, and boggle the mind.

Hear stories of the strange;
See him escape like Houdini;
Listen to his tales of horror;
See him tempt fate and taunt the spirits;
And open your mind to his madness with a mystical reading!

Yes, all of this is included in your ticket price to see Ecopocalypse! Walk through the newest concept in haunted houses--be a part of the show inside--then, as you enjoy the awesome food available at Foodtoipia; experience the Mind and Madness of Pendark!

Even if the inside is too scary for the kiddies; bring them to see the magic and mayhem! Pendark will be P.G.

There will be a trivia contest for free prizes held by Pendark, every thirty minutes. Don't you dare miss it!!!

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors, tell your family...bring them all.

Sample passages from my book:

A new writing gig.

I am now the new political and social opinion writer at the new I will also be posting entertainment articles and other stuff there.

This one speaks volumes to me this year.

I like this one.

Can you tell what mood I'm in?

I'm gearing up for what will be an old fashioned Christmas.

No, I'm not Chris Angel

Those of you that know me well and some of you who don't, know that I perform a magic and mysticism show. I perform my favorite closeup magic, card tricks, mid-reading tricks and the occasional mystical card reading. I am an entertainer. I enjoy what I do and do it the way I do because it is what fits my personality and my personal manner of being. Those that get me, get me and those that don't, don't. I have never stressed out over it. I make a few tips for a few tricks. 

People usually come to visit me as the extra side show at the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas on Saturday nights. It is a small dime museum that houses a lot of fun and interesting attractions like two headed animals and shrunken heads. 

Truthfully, I established the sideshow there at the museum. They really didn't have anything going on beyond the lizards in cages, a few spiders and the displays of the museum itself until I came in and started doing my thing. Since then, we have two other performers and a whole lot of word of mouth advertising going on. One of those performers has partnered up with me to do an expanded version of my little show. We didn't quite get to establish the stage space I had hoped for, but so be it. We have enough space to show people what we do.

Recently, I had a conversation with the owner of the place who told me that he wants me to totally revamp my act. Fair enough. It is certainly his prerogative to ask. However, what he told me was that my way of performing the mind-reading and mysticism stuff was not acceptable to him and a few of the patrons he had spoken to. 

The prime objection was that I approach everything I do from a "Houdini mindset". I tell people truthfully that I do not believe in psychic power as such. Some of you have heard my speech on that. I tell people in all honesty, that I believe that the manifestations of the abilities some people call psychic are natural senses. That is what I truly believe. Even the evidence I have seen of mesmerism, hypnotism, energy transfer and the like; confirms that belief.

I fully understand that there are those that believe that they are somehow special or above the rest of us because they can "sense things". I don't. I'm not going to lie about it. I'm not going to say I am something I am not. I am not going to tell people I believe something I don't. And to omit certain truths is still a lie. People who don't like my blunt, truthful approach are people that simply don't like having their pretty little notions of the world, no matter how farcical or far-fetched, redistributed to the box with the tag that reads, "psychology".

The thing he said that stuck out at me was that I am too "Penn and Teller". Well, you know what, Penn and Teller make millions off of their way of handling the world. They have made a long career of telling it as they see it, opening people's minds to the realities of magic, speaking their minds on specific topics, and entertaining people with their favorite magic tricks. If I am anything at all like them, then GOOD! And sometimes, you just have to call "Bullshit!" where it is due.

I'm not a cynic. I'm not a skeptic. I'm not out to disprove or disparage. I'm out to discover. I believe in a higher power. I believe in energy signatures. I believe in intuition, empathy and gut instinct. I don't believe that Chris Angel is anything but a good illusionist with a wad of cash. I don't believe that Linda Goodman is anything but a really good personal adviser and reader of charts. I don't believe that John Edwards is a fraud; just a guy doing the same thing I do. He is giving advice based on the already existent belief system of the receiver. I don't fault him for that part. I just don't think that he or any other ghost whisperer is using anything but the three natural senses of the mind to open others to messages they need to hear. And more power to them. 

I am a simple magician. Yes, I give "mystical advice" when asked for it. And those that hear my advice and the full explanation of where that advice emanates from; appreciate my no BS approach to it all. When I have young people with misty eyes, or older folks with smiles on their faces; shaking my hand and thanking me for my advice, I'm doing something right.

Sure, I get the occasional "all powerful witch" pissed off at me because of my Houdini approach, or the occasional drunk that just doesn't get it, or the occasional 9-year-old that scoffs and gives me the "I know how you did that" speech; but any magician worth his salt gets the same crap and lets it roll right off, just like I do.

When I see the smile on a child's face because of the magic trick I just did; I'm doing something right. When I have parents secretly dropping a $20 in my bucket, because of the smile on that child's face; I'm doing something right. When I see the light of inspiration in the eyes of an adolescent; I'm doing something right. When I'm getting invitations to perform at charity events and birthday parties; I'm doing something right.

No, I'm not some guy doing judiciously edited stunts on television or shoving boxes from one end of the stage to the other, then bowing after the boxes do all my work for me. I'm not some Gothic dude with an FX budget to die for. No, I'm not Chris Angel. And thank god for that!

Tonight, I claimed my greatest moral victory as a stage performer

I perform a Houdini type show for The museum of the Weird on 6th street in Austin. I performed a chain escape tonight that was my greatest challenge to date. I was locked in 10 feet of chain and 4 locks.

The woman locking me in the chains was a mean spirited woman with pink hair. She, her boyfriend, and their friends left me struggling after about 10 minutes. They left me no moral support and no bloody tip.

Two gentlemen remained to watch. They, the owner of the shop, and two co-workers were witness to the fact that after 25 minutes (give or take a few), I did in fact escape.

I did so with no assistance, no keys, and no lock picks. In fact, the four locks remain closed on the chain where she left them. Her mocking notwithstanding...her lack of courtesy notwithstanding...her lack of moral turpitude to at least compensate me for my effort notwithstanding...I did escape.

I type this with bruised wrists and a further affirmation of my will never to fail. I challenge the nameless woman to come and acknowledge my victory. I do so knowing she never will. I ask myself why I did it and only one answer comes to mind. HAMLET..."To be or not to be..."

Houdini did not become what he was without challenges to his skill. I am doing it in a manner even Houdini himself would have to admit difficult to say the least. But I do it because I AM PENDARK.

This is all I have to say about life right now.

I have always felt a kinship to the "freaks".

(Maybe it is this giant cranium of mine.) But this is a really cool site.

My interview with

I have been busy

I am in finals week at school and just finished a long weekend performing for the crowds at South X Southwest festival.

Life is all or nothing these days...

I'm back from Utah.  I am embroiled in quarter three of school.  I am doing fairly well in psychology and intro to the US legal system.  And I am rapidly learning the functions of the new Microsoft programs for editing, document design, web processing, etc in class 3.

I just got a handshake contract to work for a local attraction doing my magic and mentalism show on Saturday and Sunday nights.  We had a good opening night this last Sunday.

The four-almost-five-year-old is becoming a mini me.  His mother is just absolutely thrilled at that. (Sarcasm)  But he is doing well in school.

We just found a home for our pittbull mix with a new loving mommy that will let her be the 50lb lap dog she thinks she is.  And while buying fish at a Petsmart, a couple came in with a little dog they rescued from the street but couldn't keep.  She is a 4-year-old Rat-Terrier.  (Talk about total shift in mindset)

Success and forward motion only come to us in the bursts we are ready to handle, I guess.

My mood: very amused

A Chapter Closes


Still in Utah. Court is over and the expected has occured. The judge was sympathetic to my side of the story, but in the end, the law was, as it should be...impassionate. I have been removed of the chance to rebuild a relationship with my daughter. But I leave here with closure and having stood up and spoken what needed to be said.

We had a good show

We had a good show. I was assisted by Jennifer Fielding, a brilliant actress, with whom I have worked on several occasions. We had a good deal of fun and the audience was small enough that everyone got to participate. A good time was had by all and we have a standing invitation to appear there.

Is the glass half empty?

 Appearing at Austin Drama Club E. 7th and Concho, January 2nd, from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. I'm moving out of my foreclosed house on the 5th. I return to school on the 10th. And on the 20th, I'll be in court in Utah being called every name in the book by my ex-wife's attorney, for being unable to give my daughter the moon in this economy. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

But... we will go on a new five year plan. She goes into externship this month and I begin the third quarter on my way to certification as a paralegal. We stay in the rent controlled place for a few years, begin making 3 times what we do now a year between us, then move back up. I am not a pessimist. Optimism is a leisure these days. So, realism will have to do.

These are the times when you find out who your friends are.

The funny thing is, people still act like there is no reason for me to be a semi-reclusive, grim-realist. I'm no pessimist mind you. I'm just a grim realist. as long as the glass isn't cracked or chipped and doesn't cut my lip, then half is half. And half is better than none.  Right now, the glass just IS.

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